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Off-Page SEO refers to all the activities that are performed outside of your website in order to increase the user and search engine perception of its relevance, popularity, trustworthiness, and authority.

Our structured and sustainable Off-Page SEO strategy will help you to obtain a clean and natural backlink profile, and acquire qualitative referring domains to boost your rankings.

We offer Off-Page SEO in all European markets
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Off-Page Services

We offer a full Off-Page SEO service: from an Off-Page Audit to Digital PR & Link Building.

Our Off-Page SEO audit aims to define the actual state of your backlink profile. The in-depth analysis of your inbound and outbound links together with the competitive analysis allows tailoring an Off-Page SEO strategy for your domain.

Our Off-Page SEO audit is composed of four different sections: Backlink Profile, Competitor Comparison, Backlink Audit, Outbound Links.

In-Depth Analysis

A total of 30+ points will be inspected manually to leave no aspect unexplored.

Strategic Measures

Comprehensive checklist and roadmap aligned to your business goals.


Descriptive definition of each point’s importance and explanation of outcomes.


MarketingLenses can assist with the implementation of the recommendations.

Top Tools

Usage of industry-proven tools to obtain accurate measurements and insights.

The current status of your domain is evaluated to establish its overall authority and popularity.

  • Manual Actions
  • Algorithm Updates
  • Individual Backlinks
  • Individual Referring Domains
  • Individual IPs
  • Dofollow/Nofollow Ratio
  • Homepage vs. Deep Links
  • Most Linked Pages
  • CcTLD Variety / Language Variety
  • Anchor Text Distribution
  • Link Velocity

Your backlink profile and off-page performance are benchmarked against your organic competitors to determine how you are positioned in your niche & industry.

  • Individual Referring domains
  • Domain Authority
  • Trust Flow / Citation Flow
  • Domain Rating
  • Dofollow/Nofollow Ratio
  • Link Velocity

Your backlinks and referring domains are analyzed and manually inspected in order to identify potential issues and opportunities.

  • Quality of Referring Domains
  • Relevancy of Referring Domains
  • Link Placement
  • Dofollow Links Marked as Commercial
  • Unnatural Anchor Text
  • Broken Backlinks
  • Lost Backlinks
  • Links on Pages in noindex,follow
  • Reciprocal Links
  • Low-Quality and Unrelated Backlinks
  • Spammy and Potentially Toxic Backlinks
  • Disavow Recommendation

Your outbound links are assessed in order to ensure that best practices are being applied for optimal results.

  • Quality of Outbound Domains
  • Relevancy of Outbound Links
  • Nofollow Outbound Links
  • Commercial Dofollow Outbound Links
  • Anchor Text Outbound Links
  • Broken Outbound Links

Our structured and sustainable Digital PR & Link Building strategy will help you to acquire qualitative backlinks from relevant and authoritative domains to increase your online presence and rankings.


Connecting your brand and promoting your content with the right media and online influencers.


Building valuable partnerships in order to earn backlinks from highly relevant and authoritative websites.


Developing a natural and persistent link profile to maximize your ranking positions and traffic.

Our Workflow

Off-Page SEO Audit

Analyzing your backlink profile and outgoing links to establish a status-quo and discover opportunities.

The audit will result in a detailed account of your website. This includes a comprehensive roadmap with actionable measures to optimize your website.

Link building Strategy

Combining your company goals with our result-oriented SEO methods to define link building targets, and design an effective strategy to earn high-quality and relevant backlinks to maximize your ranking positions and organic traffic.

Backlink Research

Researching and evaluating potential domains based on relevancy and metrics using different tools.

Outreach & Approval

Reaching out to highly relevant and authoritative websites to  mediate the most valuable partnerships.

All potential collaborations will first be proposed in order to be approved or declined by you.

Content Management & Publication

Managing the process of content creation and publication to ensure that each link is implemented in a relevant and optimal context.

Continuous Monitoring & Reporting

Continuous monitoring to ensure maximum results, resulting in a weekly report including information about the acquired backlinks and an overview of the overall development of the campaigns.

Quality Assurance

Earn quality backlinks in order to to rise in rankings and outrank the competition.

  • Continuous backlink research
  • Personalized and manual outreach
  • Approval before every publication
  • Rich and meaningful content
  • Natural Dofollow Backlinks
  • Naturally optimized anchor text
  • Internal and external trust links
  • Publication without advertorial tag

Our Tools

MarketingLenses uses a variety of SEO tools to assess the status and performance of websites.


Our experience in and focus on multilingual SEO, makes us the ideal partner for you to reach a global audience and maximize your online presence.

Stan Lenzen MarketingLenses

Stan Lenzen

Founder & International SEO Consultant

Started MarketingLenses driven by the need to deliver an excellent and transparent SEO service to companies.

Éléonore Frère MarketingLenses

Éléonore Frère

Partner & International SEO Consultant

Passionate international SEO consultant with extensive experience in multicultural environments.


MarketingLenses is a regular contributor to the SEO industry.

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