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Technical SEO is the process of optimizing the structure and technical foundations of your website to ensure it meets the requirements to rank and perform organically.

Our Technical SEO Audit aims to define the status quo of your domain, identify blockers and deliver actionable tips to obtain a healthy, functional, and performing website.

Technical SEO Audit

Obtain a healthy, fast, and high-performing website with in-depth Technical SEO

Our Technical SEO audit is composed of three different sections: Crawlability, Indexability, and Performance.

In-Depth Analysis

A total of 150+ points will be inspected manually to leave no aspect unexplored.

Strategic Measures

Comprehensive checklist and roadmap aligned to your business goals.


Descriptive definition of each point’s importance and explanation of outcomes.


MarketingLenses can assist with the implementation of the recommendations.

Top Tools

Usage of industry-proven tools to obtain accurate measurements and insights.

Crawlability describes the capability of search engines to discover your web pages. The crawlability of your domain is inspected to detect issues that prevent your pages from being efficiently crawled.

  • Tracking Implementation
  • Protocols
  • Crawl Status
  • Crawl Budget
  • Crawl Map
  • Click Depth
  • 404 Pages
  • Error Pages
  • Redirect Chains
  • Crawl Traps
  • Orphan Pages
  • Server Performance
  • Robots Directives
  • Meta Robots
  • XML Sitemap
  • Image / Video Sitemaps

Indexability refers to the ability of search engines to include your web pages in their indexes and for them to appear in search engine result pages. The indexability of your domain is analyzed to ensure that your desired pages are indexed correctly.

  • Index Coverage
  • Duplicate Content
  • Canonical Tags
  • Hreflang
  • Redirects
  • Pagination
  • Rendering

Performance can be defined as the capacity of your website and the individual pages to rank well on the search engine result pages. The performance of your website is evaluated to identify potential issues and opportunities.

  • Mobile Optimization
  • Responsiveness
  • AMP
  • Page Speed
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Server Optimization
  • Caching
  • CDN
  • Images
  • Lazy Loading
  • CSS Optimization
  • JavaScript Optimization
  • HTML Optimization
  • Web Fonts

Our Workflow

Technical SEO Audit

Conducting a full technical audit of your website on all 150+ different important factors to establish a status-quo and discover opportunities.

Roadmap & Strategy

The audit will result in a detailed account of your website. This includes a comprehensive roadmap with actionable measures to ensure your website is technically optimized.

Implementation & Structural Optimization

Implementing needed measures to achieve optimized pages for both users and search engines.

Continuous Monitoring & Reporting

Continuous monitoring to ensure maximum results, resulting in a weekly report including information about the actions performed and an overview of the overall development.

Our Tools

MarketingLenses uses a variety of SEO tools to assess the status and performance of websites.


Our experience in and focus on multilingual SEO, makes us the ideal partner for you to reach a global audience and maximize your online presence.

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Stan Lenzen

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Started MarketingLenses driven by the need to deliver an excellent and transparent SEO service to companies.

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Éléonore Frère

Partner & International SEO Consultant

Passionate international SEO consultant with extensive experience in multicultural environments.


MarketingLenses is a regular contributor to the SEO industry.

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